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12 Top Notch Twitter Handles that are Crazy About Recycling

Jul 24, 2014

As a scrap metal recycling company, we appreciate any and all recycling efforts. We are proud to share any creative collection of motivating materials, ideas and initiatives related to sustainability and recycling. Let’s leave the world a better place than we found it. That is made easier with the help of friends in the recycling industry!

Take a look at these fabulous Twitter handles that are expert recycling masters.

Waste and Recycling

What do you get when you combine the recycle industry experts on one Twitter feed. This Twitter handle is the metal recycling industry’s marketplace that retweets news from processors, buyers, equipment and services. Stay connected to industry news, events, associations and suppliers through Waste and Recycling’s quality links.

Here is an example of the info they tweet:



Who is your go to gatherer of scrap metal pricing from around the world? This Twitter handle fits the bill. They promote scrap metal details in the form of breaking videos, detailed images and links to scrap metal information, easy for you to access. For your continual flow of recycling information, updates, price charts and global recycling news try following Scrap Metal Prices.

Learn Scrap Metal

More than just providing information about scrap metal, this Twitter handle hopes to educate everyone about the scrap metal industry. Why do they care? Because they believe that education is the key to the industry’s success. If you are looking to promote awareness about all kinds of scrap metal details, follow Learn Scrap, share their great resources, and become a scrap metal educator yourself.

ScrapMetal Recycling

Dedicated to promoting the benefits of scrap metal recycling, this Twitter handle is a believer in doing scrap metal good. They utilize the true facts about scrap metal popularity to generate interest and continue the industry discussion. Find industry related news and topics to weigh in on and discover. Even their website is worth a monthly perusing.


Scrap Investors Inc.

This professional Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry member is on top of the hour to hour scrap metal details from around the globe. Learn where to buy & sell your scrap metal, get market reports, and discover links to scrap metal resources that keep the industry informed.


Turning waste into recycled goods, this Twitter handle inspires everyone to participate in recycling difficult items. See the usefullness in almost everything with help from TerraCycle.


Steel Recycling Inst

This Twitter handle is your steel industry guru. These are the professionals who provide you key steel industry insights and generate environmental topics alike. They tweet about everything from sustainability to recycling news; they are not just limited to steel!

Props to them for making the cover of Recycler!


Eco Vessel

Have you gotten hooked on stainless steel water bottles yet? If you are leading an active life, you need to check out Eco Vessel water bottles made from recycled steel and sure to resist dents, scratches, and wear and tear that plastic or glass bottle will incur. We love that innovation meets sustainability with this Eco Vessel product.

They even made the top products to make your July 4th celebration better, so that’s pretty spectacular.



Faucets are a big deal. In fact, they are a vital part of our daily kitchen and bathroom activity. The functionality is the most important aspect of an faucet that is so frequently used, but design is also huge. MGS Designs makes faucets from 100% recycled stainless steel. Check them out for their beautiful designs and to support recycled materials. Keep up the good work, @MGSDESIGNS!


Ore Inc.

From Salt Lake City, Utah these professionals share their incredible gardening/outdoor tips. Sustainability is their focus and with their creative initiatives, they make all their brilliant products from recycled steel, wood and aluminum. Love this rectangle fire pit they posted:


Steel Space

You may wonder what steel space could possibly be. It is exactly what the name suggests! Steel space is a company that creates rooms out of recycled steel. The space can be used as a shipping or storage space first and a unique entertaining space second. The possibilities are extensive and the use is entirely up to you, but the usefulness is undeniable.

For a look at some of steel space purposes check this out:


Steel First

Putting steel first, this Twitter handle shares news and prices related to the steel market. “Follow us today and we’ll keep you updated on the latest from the global industry ” Steel is a hot commodity due to it’s extesive uses; if you want to engage in the most recent steel industry efforts, follow Steel First! They give nearly a minute by minute update. We appreciate their thoroughness!

iScrap App

With a hashtag as catchy as #EatSleepScrap we have instant respect for these scrap aficionados. With their mobile and online app iScrap, instantly find and connect to scrap metal yards, recyclers and prices.

They give great scrap suggestions like this flowchart displays:


As scrap metal specialists here at Custom Recycling, we take our job seriously but we also love this industry. Every effort to recycle materials and do good to our earth puts a smile on our face. With friends like these 13 Twitter handles who execute recycling efforts in the best, most innovative ways we feel confident that the recycling industry holds a bright future. Take a look at these great Twitter handles and get consistent recycling support.

What do you think? Do you follow Twitter recycle experts whom we should add to our list?