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Scrap Talk Episode 2: Copper Scrap Metal Recycling in Charlotte

Sep 23, 2015

Welcome to Episode 2 of Scrap Talk. With Scrap Talk we plan to help educate you on different forms of scrap metal, their usage and their worth, as well as tips and tricks to help maximize the value of the scrap metal you are recycling. Each Wednesday we will bring you a new episode of Scrap Talk so be sure to check back!

Summary of video:

How you doing? This is Shane Murphy with Custom Recycling with another episode of Scrap Talk.

Today, we’re going to talk about various grades of copper, starting with the first one that’s going to get you the highest return, and down to the third or fourth one that’s going to get you a little bit less in return.

The first one is bare bright. Bare bright is basically stripped insulated copper wire with no non-copper attachments. This is electrical grade copper, so it’s the most pure. As you can see, when you strip the jacket off, you get a clean copper bindle there. Bare bright, this is going to get you you’re highest return as far as the clean coppers go.

Second item we’re going to talk about today is number one copper. Number one copper is free of any non-copper attachments, no paint, no plastic, no tape, no dirt on the inside. This just happens to be copper tubing. This is one example of number one copper. It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Heck, if it’s a frisbee that’s number one copper, we’ll buy it. Number one copper, one step below bare bright.

Next on the list, we have number two copper. As you can see here, we have a non-copper attachment. This happens to be brass. It has to be a 98% pure copper, so obviously, this right here is about 2% contamination. It’s going to knock your price down a little bit below number one copper. Also, you have soldered joints right here. The only way they could attach the other pieces to copper is through solder, which is a non-copper attachment, thus making it number two.

Lastly today, we’re going to talk about copper turnings. This is a byproduct of any kind of sheet, plate or pipe that gets machined into a different shape or size. As you can see, it’s not solid, so you get a lot of air space in there. Less quality, and this is your fourth grade of copper that we’ve talked about today.

Thanks again for spending a little bit of time with us. We’re going to put out one of these every week to educate you guys. This has been another episode of Scrap Talk.