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How Much Does a Water Heater Recycle For?

Nov 21, 2013

Recycling Water HeatersIf you’re replacing your water heater you don’t want to just throw it away but should look into recycling it at a scrap metal yard in Charlotte.  This saves the environment since scrap metals can take decades to break down completely when in a landfill, and it can also earn you a few dollars!  Many recycling yards pay for scrap metal and for larger parts like water heaters and other household appliances, so do the environment and yourself a favor by bringing it to our yard rather than the curb.

Determining Prices for a Water Heater in North Carolina

One thing you’ll notice about scrap metal recyclers is that the prices they pay for certain metals and pieces will vary, even from day to day.  Many recycling centers will not even post their scrap metal prices for items they buy from recyclers, and the reason for this is that the price received for metal will vary from day to day.  A water heater will also have different types of metal inside, including copper or stainless steel, and they vary in size.  Of course a larger hot water heater with more valuable copper will get you more money than a smaller one without.

These metals are usually purchased by local manufacturing industries, and the amount they pay will take into consideration any transportation and trucking costs they incur.  As gas prices go up, the amount they pay for metal will go down.

How to Recycle

If you need to know the price you would get for your hot water heater before you bring it in, it’s good to call for an estimate.  You will not get an exact price over the phone but you can get a better idea of how much money you might receive for the piece.  It’s also good to know the procedure for bringing in items as there are many specific laws that each state must follow when buying used pieces or scrap metal from anyone.

Remember that even if you only get a few dollars for your hot water heater or other scrap metal, you’re still keeping it out of landfills and protecting the environment by recycling.  This makes it worth your time to bring it to us rather than simply leaving it by the curb.