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How Much Does Scrap Aluminum Go For in Charlotte?

Nov 15, 2013

Scrap Aluminum Prices in CharlotteRecycling your scrap aluminum in Charlotte keeps it out of landfills and can also earn you some money on your pieces.  Recyclers will pay you to bring in your scrap metal and pay you according to its weight.  Typically all forms of aluminum are accepted even if it’s not in the best shape, which means you could be making money on the scrap metal you have in your garage or basement or out in the shed.  Before you bring it in you may be wondering about how much you could earn for the metal.

Prices Vary in Scrap Aluminum

Why do prices vary so widely for scrap aluminum and change every week and even every day?  This is because recyclers adjust the price they pay for scrap aluminum and other metals based on the prices they receive for these pieces.  Often scrap metal is bought by local manufacturing companies and they will pay a price according to their needs, according to the supply of certain metals, and according to their costs in transporting it and then breaking it down.  This is one reason why prices vary between North Carolina and South Carolina.

When it comes to aluminum this material is often bought by home manufacturers and other manufacturing facilities and their needs may go up and down according to the season.  Their needs may also be adjusted according to how much they produce of their own product, so if their customers adjust their orders, they need less raw material and their purchasing prices go down.

Call Ahead to Ensure Best Price

If you’re not sure of the prices you can get for your scrap aluminum and need to ensure that it will be accepted, don’t hesitate to call ahead!  This can give you an idea of the prices for that day.  You can also get instruction on how to bring in your pieces, since state laws need to be followed for accepting scrap by any recycler.

Rarely do you get rich from bringing in your scrap aluminum but the price can be well worth the effort.  If you have pieces in the garage or the shed recycling keeps them out of landfills.  Some metals can release toxins as they break down, so it’s always good to recycle whenever possible.  We can help make the process easier for you if you have any questions or concerns about bringing in your scrap aluminum and other metals.