Custom Recycling Scrap Metal

Getting the Most for Your Industrial Scrap Metal

Jun 11, 2013

If you work in an industry like construction, demolition, or plumbing you may find yourself with a great deal of scrap metal on your hands at the end of each job. This scrap metal can be turned into extra income when you set up a corporate or business account with Custom Recycling and recycle your industrial scrap metal in North Carolina or South Carolina.

Our broad corporate customer base includes utilities, manufacturers, metal service centers, and contractors who work in demolition and construction. We also serve the needs of individual scrap metal recycling and businesses when it comes to metal recycling and selling scrap metal.

Industrial Scrap Metal CaroliaCustom Recycling works with each customer to carefully analyze their needs in order to develop a custom recycling program. Each program includes customized pricing that is tied to current indexes. Custom Recycling is known for our competitive prices and prompt payments. We are also known for our ethical values in the accurate weighing and grading of scrap metal.

Professionals in Industrial Scrap Metal Accounts in North Carolina and South Carolina

Custom Recycling has a broad customer base of manufacturers and contractors. Those customers know that when they set up a corporate account with Custom Recycling, they are getting the best service and highest payouts in the Carolinas.

Custom Recycling takes care of everything. For your convenience, we will even bring the container to your location. Plus, there are no contractual obligations for you to have to worry about. Using Custom Recycling to take care of your industrial scrap metal is truly a win-win situation. Businesses only have to worry about dealing with one company to recycle their industrial scrap, which will lead to lower internal costs and higher productivity.

Recycling industrial scrap metal is also better for the environment. Beyond the extra income stream, businesses also have the knowledge that they will be sending less material to landfills. Furthermore, Custom Recycling provides a Certificate of Guaranteed Destruction and works in compliance with all environmental regulations at the local, state, and federal level.

Give Custom Recycling a call today and let us create a custom scrap metal recycling program to fit your needs.