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Current Scrap Metal Pricing in Charlotte, NC

Jul 20, 2015

Scrap metal does have one major thing in common with precious metals like gold and silver. No, it’s not the price, sadly. It’s the fact that the market and price constantly fluctuate, not only month over month but also region to region. So the scrap metal prices in the Midwest won’t be the same as scrap metal prices here in the Carolinas. Plus, a Charlotte scrap metal recycling plant might offer you a different price than a scrap metal recycling plant in Raleigh, or even another facility right across the street.

So how can you check scrap metal prices before you bring in your haul for weighing and sorting? There are some apps and financial services that will provide you with daily updates on scrap metal prices, but unless you really need to know what insulated copper and aluminum sheeting is selling for in China right now, then you might be better off saving your money for one of the other 10,000,000,000 apps for sale in 2015.

If you do want to know what your scrap would go for on any given day, then contact a us for up-to-date prices. Charlotte NC scrap metal prices* 2015 should be around:

  • #1 Copper Tubing: **CALL FOR PRICING**
  • #2 Copper Tubing: **CALL FOR PRICING**
  • Aluminum: **CALL FOR PRICING**
  • Stainless Steel: **CALL FOR PRICING**
  • Scrap Iron: **CALL FOR PRICING**

*Not an exact quote. Prices may vary.

2015 Scrap Metal Prices Charlotte, NC: Why Are Scrap Metal Prices Down?

Custom Recycling wants all our customers to make informed decisions when recycling scrap metal, hiring a demolition cleanup service, and selling scrap and debris. That’s why we wish we had better news, but the hard truth is that scrap metal prices have been down so far in 2015. The price of certain types of scrap metal are rising a bit, and prices are stronger than they were during the peak of the Great Recession, but overall U.S. scrap metal prices are depressed.

Here’s an example of the current situation: In January 2015, the price of shredded scrap metal hit a five-year low in the Midwest. Copper prices? Down. Aluminum scrap metal prices? Way down. Steel and iron prices bottomed out earlier this year as well, but that means they’re slowly ticking upwards again in some parts of the country. So why are scrap metal prices falling sharply this year? In 2010, scrap metal was the number one U.S. export to China, which bought about $8 billion in scrap. This year, demand from Asian markets has been weak, leading to higher supplies here in the States. Also, the stronger the U.S. dollar, the lower scrap prices.

How To Get The Best Scrap Metal Prices Charlotte NC Has To Offer In 2015?

The best scrap metal recyclers consult with their customers to offer the most competitive prices available on all types of scrap metal. Custom Recycling buys both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the general public and our giant industrial clients. We recycle scrap metal Charlotte NC business produce during construction, and work hard to offer the most competitive prices during this period of low Charlotte scrap metal prices.

If you want to recycle or sell scrap metal in Charlotte, then here’s what you need to know to get the most cash in return:

  • Sell, Sell, Sell: Experts have warned all year that prices will continue to drop, so Charlotte scrap metal prices in 2015 most likely will keep falling, too. That means if you have scrap metal sitting around, you should bring it in for a recycling consultation ASAP. Don’t waste space in a misguided attempt to save scrap metal for a rainy day payday. You’ll waste time and space while your scrap rusts away.
  • Shades of Green: Why recycle scrap metal Charlotte, NC? Because recycling really does benefit the environment while putting extra cash in your pocket. That’s a win-win.
  • Recycle More, Earn More: If you produce scrap metal regularly, then you might be able to get better prices. Try and bring in as much material as possible to get the best rates you can.
  • Charlotte Scrap Metal Pickup: Many recycling plants will make arrangements to pickup and haul away scrap metal for you. So before you need to recycle scrap metal in Charlotte, see if you can find a recycler that will pickup your materials, saving you money on gas.

Many people are surprised to find out just how many everyday items are fit for recycling. Just because you can’t stick something in that blue bin on the curb doesn’t mean it should end up in a landfill, polluting the environment and groundwater. So long as you have a valid ID, you can recycle all kinds of scrap metal (full list of accepted items for scrap metal recycling), like electronics, appliances, lawnmowers, aluminum car rims, car batteries, motors and engines, extension cords, siding and sheeting, old tools, those tangled up Christmas lights taking up space in your garage, and tons more. Just remember, most North Carolina scrap metal recyclers won’t accept propane tanks, computer monitors, TVs, microwaves, or dishwashers.

Click here to learn more about Charlotte scrap metal recycling and how it benefits both the public and the environment!