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Premiere Scrap Metal Buyers in Charlotte, NC

Selling scrap metal can be quite advantageous for individuals who have it on their property and for the businesses that are able to sell it to other parties.  If you find that you have excess pieces of scrap metal that you want to get off of your hands, we are a...

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Choosing the Right Metal Scrap Yard in Charlotte

Selling scrap metal can be a prosperous venture if you are aware of how to take advantage of this industry.  With the ability to sell your scrap metal, you will be able to get rid of junk on your property that could be turned into a small fortune.  Prior to beginning...

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Where Are Scrap Metal Prices in Charlotte, NC Going?

Scrap metal is an incredibly prosperous industry throughout the entirety of the United States, especially in Charlotte, NC.  With annual exports exceeding $21 billion, this industry has undoubtedly influenced residents to change their recycling habits.  Scrap metal...

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Help the York YMCA Meet Their Financial Assistance Goal

Our South Carolina location of Custom Recycling is located a short distance from the East Madison St. York, SC YMCA location. As a company, we wanted to establish some roots within the county we operate our business which is one of the main reasons we decided to get...

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Scrap Metal Scratch and Win Promotion

Custom Recycling's Scrap Metal Scratch and Win Promo - North and South Carolina We have a special promotion going on right now Custom Recycling called the "Scratch & Win" deal. If a customer brings in at least 50 lbs of non-ferrous (copper, aluminum, brass, etc)...

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How Much Does a Water Heater Recycle For?

If you’re replacing your water heater you don’t want to just throw it away but should look into recycling it at a scrap metal yard in Charlotte.  This saves the environment since scrap metals can take decades to break down completely when in a landfill, and it can...

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How Much Does Scrap Aluminum Go For in Charlotte?

Recycling your scrap aluminum in Charlotte keeps it out of landfills and can also earn you some money on your pieces.  Recyclers will pay you to bring in your scrap metal and pay you according to its weight.  Typically all forms of aluminum are accepted even if it’s...

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Where to Sell Scrap Copper in Charlotte, NC

Copper is one of the world’s most important metals and it plays a crucial role in modern life. Copper is most often used as an electrical conductor, thermal conductor, and also as a constituent of various alloys like brass and bronze. Copper is an excellent conductor...

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Getting the Most for Your Industrial Scrap Metal

If you work in an industry like construction, demolition, or plumbing you may find yourself with a great deal of scrap metal on your hands at the end of each job. This scrap metal can be turned into extra income when you set up a corporate or business account with...

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Spring Cleaning for Scrap Metal in the Carolinas

Now that the cold winter temperatures have subsided, it is time for some spring cleaning. This year don’t just clean the windows and wax the floors. If you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, declutter your home and yard this spring and make money at the same...

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